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Amsterdam Harborside

Port Chester from Cupola

Slate Roof, copper flat seam roofs, copper standing seam siding, copper balusters at Clock Tower, replacement of wood columns, new copper cladding at columns, new copper roof hatch.

Roofing, masonry, panels, natural stone building walls and

unique design sundial.

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TPO roof, roof shingle, aluminum cladding at cornices, aluminum finishes,  gutters, leaders, trimming, balcony and coping, 150,000sq ft.

Standing Seam metal for MTA in Newark, NJ.  Extreme difficult access as this building was on a bridge above train tracks while service was uninterrupted.

Slate roofing, copper cupola restoration, clock mechnism, 90,000sq ft

Roof Restoration with a liquid membrane on a 75,000sq ft. This building houses a swimming pool, 10 basketball courts and a assorted sports

team offices

Tremco TPA roof system applied on a 500,000sq ft.and metal work

We are helping Emblem Health to make good roofs last longer at multiple locations by repairing and restoring existing roofing systems.

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